My name is Adrian. My day job involves designing high performance enterprise software. As one of my hobbies I like to build electronic projects. With the advent of cheap WI-FI modules, SoC, micro controllers, sensors and the arrival of smart lights, smart locks and so on, new opportunities have been opened for hobbyists to create automation solutions on a very affordable budget.


         So, I decided to use my experience in building high performance enterprise software to create my own rendition for an IoT (Internet of Things) platform. The site is powered by AI Depot's infrastructure. The platform is targeted mostly for experimentation and learning. Although you can integrate existing hardware in the system the emphasize is mostly on do it yourself:

  • build your own electronics
  • build your own cloud device
  • build your own mobile App.

       I try to make the whole process of development as simple as possible. On one side I picked a visual language to develop the software so almost anybody can code their own functionality. On the other side I tried to simplify the hardware development as much as possible. I also included schematics and sample code for hardware so almost anybody would be able to create their own hardware devices. I made the deployment process for the software a simple push of a button.

        You can create fairly sophisticated systems. Moreover, behind the scene, you benefit from the high availability, failover capabilities, fast response and many more things built in the platform. Although there are other open source platforms (HAB) and commercial platforms (IFTTT) I think my approach brings a different angle. The philosophy is simple.
  • Make the hardware as simple as possible.
  • Share the hardware across different tasks.
  • Simplify each step of development.
  • Run as much as possible in the cloud.
  • Support a private cloud as well as a public cloud.
  • Provide a secure solution.
  • Share as much experience as possible with the community.
  • Provide a cloud platform to run your virtual devices
  • Provide a robust platform
  • Allow extensibility

       I hope you will enjoy this platform. Don't forget, this is a work in progress. Feel free to register.