Cloud Device Language

       IC2Cloud provides a visual language that allows you to create any functionality you want for your Cloud Devices. This is a puzzle like language using blocks that is very easy to learn. Using drag & drop you can build a device in minutes. This type of language insulates the user from the complexities of a classic language like C or Java. You do not have to deal with syntax errors or to memorize function names or statements. The blocks of the language are self explanatory. Although the Cloud Device language is easy to learn and use, it does not lose from the power of a classic programming language.

       In the picture below there is a sample how to create the functionality for a simple thermostat set to turn on or off an AC unit at 26 degrees Celsius with an hysteresis of +/-1 degree.


       Each block in the Device Builder language is described in this documentation. The functions are grouped in a set of categories.


Category Details
Device Control the main flow of the device: initialization, running, termination.
Signals Access the Wiring Cloud signals. Using these functions you can read a signal or write a signal in the cloud. This is equivalent to the Wiring API. 
Logic Logic statements if-then-else and boolean  operators and comparison operators.
Loops Device flow control: repeat, for-each, etc.
Math Mathematical operators and random number generator.
Text Text operators: change case, search in string, append, split, etc.
Lists Lists operators:create, extract elements, search elements, etc.
Time Time related functions: current time, delay, etc.
Messages Communication functions: send email, send HTTP request.
Variables Manage variables.
Functions Manage functions you create.