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Basic Security with ESP8266

Temperature Monitor with ESP8266

Illuminance Monitor with ESP8266


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   Welcome to IC2Cloud (Beta)

      Please be advised that we are going to shut down the platform June 30, 2019!

      IC2Cloud is an Internet of Things platform created with a simple goal: reduce the complexity of IoT development.

      Usually creating a system from the ground up requires a lot of knowledge in different areas and it is a fairly complex activity. You have to create hardware, you have to program hardware, program the logic of your system, to implement the communication, to implement the control, create the infrastructure to run all these. Although there are systems solving some of  these problems either open source or commercial they are either to complex to program, to hard to deploy or very limited in capabilities.

      IC2Cloud comes with a comprehensive philosophy


  • Simplify the hardware

The maim goal is to move the hardware intelligence into the cloud and minimize the tasks executed by the hardware. For example an alarm system will be reduced to its sensors (motion detectors) sending the state to the cloud and all the logic when and how to identify an intruder will be moved into the cloud. An AC system will just read the state from the IC2Cloud platform to decide if it;s on or off leaving the decision to be made in the cloud. None of the hardware devices will be concerned about the overall functionality.


  • Reduce hardware footprint

We encourage you to share the hardware across different tasks. A motion sensor can be used part of a security system as well as part of a climate control system that will automatically decide to use "At Home" or "Away" setting.


  • Run in the cloud

To complement the simplicity of the hardware and allow you to build sophisticated devices, IC2Cloud provides you with an extensive language that gives you the ability to run any logic you want in the cloud while the hardware simply acts as a sensor or an actuator. This allows you to create "cloud devices". We encourage you to run your logic as much as possible in the cloud.


  • Simplify development

We help you with all the steps involved in creating an IoT system.

  • We help you with hardware design by providing sample projects that include schematics and source code. 
  • We provide you with a "Device Builder" to create the logic you want. This logic is the brain of your cloud device.
  • We provide you with a "Device Manager" tool to deploy and run the cloud devices. An otherwise complex activity has been reduced to a simple press of a button when using this tool..
  • We provide you with a "Signal Manager" too to help you debugging your Cloud Devices. The Signal Viewer tool allows you to inspect the signals exchanged between the cloud and the hardware.
  • Using MIT App Inventor you can create the controls you need for your Cloud Devices. This tool allows you to create mobile applications for the Android platform.

Using our tools or the tools we recommend all your development activity is done in the cloud. No need for complex installs, hardware configurations and so on.


  • Support public and private cloud

IC2Cloud provides maximum flexibility in running your "devices". You can run them either in a public cloud, a private cloud or a combination of them. You can use our cloud or create your own public cloud. Actually you can go even further and have multiple clouds and your system deployed across all of them.


  • Provide a secure solution

By leveraging extensive knowledge acquired from developing enterprise software, IC2Cloud provides similar levels of security you will find in the established cloud systems (online banking, E-Commerce, cloud storage, etc.)


  • Allow Extensibility

If you have existing functionality or you want to create special functionality, not supported by the platform you can integrate it with the IC2Cloud Platform very easy.


  • Share Experience

We are sharing as much information as possible through the projects provided on the website, documentation and FAQ section. Feel free to submit any question you want and we will try to share our experience with you. Once we move from the beta stage, IC2Cloud will provide a forum section allowing users to interact directly.


     This platform is targeted for hobbyists, do it yourself people and for learning about IoT in general.  We encourage you to register and try the system on your own. To learn more about the system go to our documentation section.