IoT Projects


        This is a list of projects we have done or we have in the pipeline to build.


  Project ETA Description
1 Basic Security IoT DONE Create a security system using a motion sensor.
2 Temperature IoT DONE Measure temperature.
3 Humidity IoT DONE Measure humidity.
4 Range Finder IoT DONE Measure distance.
5 Air Pressure IoT DONE Measure air pressure
6 Luminance IoT DONE Measure luminance
7 Relay IoT DONE Control a relay.
8 Wemo IoT DONE Control Wemo devices
9 Wink IoT DONE Integrate Wink Hub into the platform
10 Hub IoT   Provide a hub for wireless devices.
11 AC IoT   Control the AC
12 Furnace IoT   Control the furnace
13 IR Remote IoT   Control an IR Remote Control
14 Bluetooth Beacon IoT   Proximity Bluetooth beacon identifies the presence of phones in proximity.
15 Bluetooth Sensor IoT   Use the phone to send data to cloud from sensors connected with BT to the phone.
16 Accelerometer IoT   Measure Acceleration
17 Barcode Scanner IoT   Send a bar code to the platform to identify product.
18 Rpm IoT   Measure rpm for bicycle or treadmill.
19 Smoke IoT   Detect smoke
20 Button IoT   Button trigger for internet
21 Remote control IoT   Using RF remote to send triggers to internet
22 Display IoT   Display a message from the cloud
23 Seven Segment IoT   Display a number from the cloud
24 IR Receiver IoT   Send to cloud received data from a IR receiver
25 CEC IoT   Use Consumer Electronic Control (HDMI remote control) to control devices from the cloud
26 Text To Speech IoT   Connect an EMIC 2 to the  cloud to speak text from the cloud
27 NFC IoT   NFC connected to the cloud
28 Barcode Scanner IoT   Connect a Barcode Scanner to the cloud

 Tips & Tricks Projects

  Project ETA Description
1 Access Wiring Cloud API from App Builder   How to construct the API request and how to parse the results.
2 Create fancy UIs in App Builder   How to create graphs, gages, LED displays, etc.
3 How to alter App Builder code (advanced users)   How to modify the XML code for Mobile Applications.